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Kentucky Wins 35 Morehead State, George Washington, Missouri, Clemson, Purdue, Arizona, Indiana, Canisius, Georgia Tech, Tulsa, American, Louisville, Ohio, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennesee, Vanderbilt, Florida, Louisiana State, Villanova, Tennesee, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, South Carolina State, Saint Louis, UCLA, Duke, Stanford, Utah
Losses 4
Utah Wins 30 Fullerton State, Weber State, Southern Utah, Loyola Marymount, California-Irvine, Providence, Wake Forest, Utah State, Azusa Pacific, Oregon State, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Rice, Brigham Young, Colorado State, Wyoming, Air Force, UNLV, Texas-El Paso, New Mexico, Brigham Young, Rice, Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, UNLV, Texas-El Paso, New Mexico, UNLV, San Francisco, Arkansas, West Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, Kentucky
Losses 4
Wins 34 Middle Tennessee State, Richmond, California, UCLA, Seton Hall, Purdue, Louisville, Chattanooga, Virginia Tech, Princeton, Hampton, Florida State, Georgia, Bethune Cookman, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Maryland, Appalachian State, North Carolina State, Florida State, Clemson, Wake Forest, Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina State, Maryland, Duke, Navy, North Carolina-Charlotte, Michigan State, Connecticut, Utah
Losses 4
Stanford Wins 30 San Diego, Hawaii-Hilo, Valparaiso, Butler, Georgia, San Diego State, Pacific, Santa Barbara, Lehigh, Rhode Island, Santa Clara, Oregon State, Oregon, California, Southern California, UCLA, Washington State, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, California, Connecticut, UCLA, Southern California, Washington, Washington State, Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, Charleston, Western Michigan, Purdue, Rhode Island, Kentucky
Losses 5
Duke Wins 32 Army, Davidson, Chaminade, Missouri, Arizona, South Carolina State, North Carolina-Greensboro, Virginia, Villanova, Michigan, Mercer, Portland State, Maryland, North Carolina State, Florida State, Wake Forest, Clemson, North Carolina A&T, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Florida State, Wake Forest, Clemson, UCLA, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, Clemson, North Carolina, Radford, Oklahoma State, Syracuse, Kentucky
Losses 4
Wins 25 North Carolina-Wilmington, Connecticut, Boston University, Brown, Providence, Nevada-Las Vegas, Ohio, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Temple, St. Joseph's, Duquesne, LaSalle, Tulane, St. Boneventure, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Massachusetts, Fordham, St. Joseph's, California, St. Boneventure, GWU, Temple, Massachusetts, Dayton, Xavier, Fordham, Dayton, Xavier, Murray State, Kansas, Valparaiso, Stanford
Losses 9
Connecticut Wins 32 Yale, Boston University, Rhode Island, Coppin State, Florida State, Arizona State, West Virginia, Rutgers, Virginia, North Carolina-Wilmington, Massachusetts, Hartford, Fairfield, Notre Dame, Miami-FL, Boston College, Seton Hall, Georgetown, St. John's, Syracuse, Providence, Rutgers, Villanova, Stanford, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Villanova, Providence, St. John's, Providence, Rutgers, Syracuse, Fairleigh Dickinson, Indiana, Washington, North Carolina
Losses 5
Arizona Wins 30 Morgan State, Boston College, Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina-Asheville, Kansas, Texas, Baylor, Coppin State, Florida State, James Madison, Kansas State, UCLA, Southern California, Washington State, Washington, Arizona State, New Mexico, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, California, Washington, Washington State, Arizona State, Oregon State, Oregon, California, Stanford, Southern California, UCLA, Nicholls State, Illinois State, Maryland, Utah
Losses 5
Kansas Wins 35 Santa Clara, Rice, Western Kentucky, Nevada-Las Vegas, Arizona State, Florida State, Arizona, Emporia State, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Middle Tennessee State, Pepperdine, Texas Christian, Southern California, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Hawaii, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Missouri, Texas Tech, Baylor, Nebraska, Iowa State, Missouri, Kansas State, Colorado, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Prairie View A&M, Rhode Island
Losses 4
Purdue Wins 28 Long Island, Valparaiso, Northeast Louisiana, Alabama-Birmingham, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee-Martin, San Francisco, Xavier, Florida A&M, Providence, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, Houston, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Northwestern, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Penn State, Minnesota, Michigan State, Indiana. Illinois, Michigan, Delaware, Detroit, Stanford
Losses 8
UCLA Wins 24 North Carolina, Alaska-Anchorage, Alabama-Birmingham, New Mexico, Fullerton State, Northern Arizona, Saint Louis, Boise State, UNLV, Illinois, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State, Oregon, California, Stanford, Southern California, Louisville, Washington State, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, California, Southern California, Duke, Washington State, Washington, Arizona State, Arizona, Miami-Florida, Michigan, Kentucky
Losses 9
Syracuse Wins 26 North Carolina-Asheville, North Carolina-Greensboro, Colgate, St. John's, Boston College, Texas Southern, Miami-OH, Buffalo, UNLV, Saint Louis, TCU, Michigan, Rutgers, Providence, Louisville, Providence, Miami-FL, Notre Dame, Connecticut, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, Miami-FL, West Virginia, Villanova, Rutgers, St. John's, Pittsurgh, Georgetown, Villanova, St. John's, Connecticut, Iona, New Mexico, Duke
Losses 9
Wins 22 East Tennessee State, Illinois-Chicago, Central Michigan, Gonzaga, Temple, Cleveland State, Detroit, Wright State, South Florida, Eastern Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Penn State, Indiana, Northwestern, Ohio State, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue, Minnesota, Eastern Michigan, Princeton, North Carolina
Losses 8
Michigan Wins 25 Western Michigan, Cleveland State, Towson State, Detroit Mercy, Florida International, UNLV, Bradley, Duke, Eastern Michigan, Chatanooga, Murray State, American-Puerto Rico, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Penn State, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Northwestern, Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan State, Indiana, Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue, Davidson, UCLA
Losses 9
Maryland Wins 21 South Carolina, Fairleigh Dickinson, Mt. St. Mary's, Florida International, Clemson, Kansas, George Washington, Maryland-Baltimore County, North Carolina-Asheville, North Carolina-Wilmington, Missouri, Duke, Florida State, North Carolina State, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Duke, Virginia, Florida State,North Carolina State, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Temple, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Utah State, Illinois, Arizona
Losses 11
Wins 24 Southern California, New Mexico State, Texas Southern, Arkansas State, San Jose State, UCLA, New Mexico State, Texas Tech, Holy Cross, Yale, Air Force, Texas Christian, Wyoming, Colorado State, UNLV, Arizona, Texas-El Paso, Brigham Young, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, Nevada-Las Vegas, Texas-El Paso, Texas Christian, Brigham Young, Utah, Tulsa, Texas Christian, UNLV, Butler, Syracuse
Losses 8
Wins 24 East Carolina, Alabama A&M, Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, Rice, Dayton, Connecticut, St. John's, Ohio, Robert Morris, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Duquesne, Georgetown, Boston College, Georgetown, Miami-Florida, Notre Dame, Villanova, Rutgers, Providence, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, St. John's, Connecticut, Syracuse, Marshall, Seton Hall, Boston College, Miami-Florida, Rutgers, Temple, Cincinnati, Utah
Losses 9
Washington Wins 20 St. Mary's-California, Boise State, James Madison, Portland, Oklahoma State, Brigham Young, Old Dominion, South Alabama, Gonzaga, Washington State, Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, California, Stanford, Southern California, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State, Oregon, Stanford, California, Southern California, UCLA, Washington State, Xavier, Richmond, Connecticut
Losses 10
Valparaiso Wins 21 Bethel, Purdue, Stanford, Elmhurst, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Illinois-Chicago, Missouri-Kansas City, Belmont, Western Illinois, Chicago State, Northeastern Illinois, Southern Utah, Oral Roberts, Buffalo, Northern Illinois, Youngstown State, St Louis, Northeastern Illinois, Chicago State, Oral Roberts, Southern Utah, Buffalo, Belmont, Youngstown State, Missouri-Kansas City, Western Illinois, Buffalo, Youngstown State, Mississippi, Florida State, Rhode Island
Losses 10
Princeton Wins 27 Texas, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Monmouth-NJ, North Carolina-Wilmington, Lafayette, Bucknell, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Drexel, Niagara, Manhattan, Yale, Brown, College of New Jersey, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Brown, Yale, Pennsylvania, Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Nevada-Las Vegas, Michigan State
Losses 2
Arkansas Wins 24 Northern Illinois, Jackson State, Oral Roberts, Fresno State, Bethune Cookman, Missouri, Louisville, Centenary, Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, Murray State, Saint Louis, Alabama State, Louisiana State, Mississippi State, Memphis, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Alabama, Louisiana State, Mississippi State, Mississippi, Vanderbilt Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Auburn, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nebraska, Utah
Losses 9
Illinois Wins 23 Bradley, Georgia Southern, Illinois-Chicago, Wichita State, Louisville, St Johns, Texas Pan American, St. Louis, Maine, Clemson, Texas, Missouri, UCLA, Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Purdue, Northwestern, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Purdue, South Alabama, Maryland
Losses 10
Cincinnati Wins 27 Detroit, Arizona State, Morehead State, Alcorn State, Wright State, Xavier, Minnesota, Eastern Kentucky, Massachusetts, Winthrop, Houston, Memphis, Marquette, Southern Mississippi, Louisville, Tulane, Marquette, Rhode Island, Louisville, South Carolina, Depaul, North Carolina-Charlotte, St. Louis, South Florida, Alabama-Birmingham, Depaul, North Carolina-Charlotte, St. Louis, Louisville, UAB, North Carolina-Charlotte, Northern Arizona, West Virginia
Losses 6
Mississippi Wins 22 Louisiana Tech, Temple, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Long Island-Brooklyn, Ball State, Wichita State, Belmont, Prairie View, Louisville, Northwestern State, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennesee, LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia, Auburn, Arkansas, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Louisiana State, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Valparaiso
Losses 7
Wins 23 Maryland, The Citadel, Belmont, Virginia Tech, Chattanooga, Clemson, St. Joseph's, South Carolina State, Towson State, Mississippi, Vanderbilt, Louisiana State, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Furman, Florida, Cincinnati, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky, Richmond
Losses 8
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